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Collection: Pawz to Clawz

The Pawz to Clawz dog toy collection is made up of some colourful, durable toy ranges including the Knot-Eaze range, the Monster Treat Release ToyTM, the Plush & Tuff range, the Helmet Head range, and the Dino Plush toys.

All of the Pawz to Clawz toys are tough and durable, with a double lining and reinforced seams.

These toys can withstand playing, tugging, and being carried around… because what else would a dog do with his new favourite?

Give cats a wonderful scratching experience with the Pawz to Clawz Cat Chaise Scratch Pad and the Cat Teepee Scratch Pad.

Both are made from durable yet recyclable cardboard and come with free catnip to give your cat the best time ever!

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  • Pawz to Clawz Knot-Eaze Monkey
    Pawz to Clawz Knot-Eaze Monkey - Squeaker Toys
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