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About Us

Online Store for Dog Products and Supplies

When it comes to pets, we're either a dog person or a cat person and then there's everything else in between. I've always been a dog person. 

I'm sure, when you ordering products, you need to replenish, you experience the frustration of having to hunt for the products you require, by going through other pet categories as well. 

I recognise this frustration and that was my reason to create a store that's totally dedicated and focussed specifically to dog owners. 

Pets-you-Love was established with the intention of providing supplies and products dedicated to Dog Owners who love and own dogs. 

Lets face it they're more than just pets and more than just your 4-legged furry friend. They're part of the family.

You want to ensure they remain Happy, Hygienic and Healthy. 

As a niche provider we eliminate the clutter on our store, where you can easily find what you're looking for. You're guaranteed to find a 1-stop shop for all your needs. we aim to source, stock and supply all the products, supplies and accessories to address the issues that dog owners face with their pets. 

We work only with the best of local suppliers to provide high-quality and ethically made products. And if we don't have it, we go out of our way to get for you! 

With an online store you can choose trusted brands from our comprehensive range of products and order at your convenience through the online platform, at competitive prices. 

We offer peace of mind with secure checkout and payment. Like our suppliers we've also partnered with reputable and reliable delivery companies to ensure products you order are delivered on time. 

Best of all, we offer stress-free returns, for any products that are not your to your satisfaction, subject to T&C's. 

The bottom line, we strive to place you at the centre of all that we do. Our intention is not to just have a customer but a loyal raving fan, as long you own a dog! 

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This keeps you updated not only on specials, new products and promotions but also helpful advice and tips to help with your 4-legged family member. 

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To give you peace of mind through your shopping experience, please note we will gladly exchange or refund an item. For more information, please check our Refund Policy.