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Pet Partners

Pet Partners

Owning a dog is a joy, privilege, and a responsibility

Responsible dog ownership means more than simply loving your dog. More than just to the occasional walk, petting and feeding.

It's a serious commitment that takes time and energy, like having a kid, except they have a tail, four legs and chow your favourite shoes!

Building a bond with your dog is crucial, as its the foundation of the relationship and understanding over their lifetime. 

The journey of your dog ownership starts with the initial bond with your dog and is built during the first few weeks to months of ownership, but maintaining this bond is a lifelong process.

A critical element of this bond is training which can resolve many common behavioural issues. 

We get this so, we've partnered with dog trainers and behaviourists, Zuperdog Training Academy and Smart Pet Behaviour, who can help you build the initial bond with your dog.

Although based in Johannesburg area, they're open to virtual consultations. Reach out to them.

Chat to Channel at Zuper Dog for the following training:

  • 20% off on Puppy Course - PetsyouLove20%
  • 10% Off Other training - PetsyouLove10%

Contact Channel at Zuperdog on +2781 357 5143 or Koven from Smart Pet Behaviour on +2771 893 3199.