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Cannapaw CBD Pet Treats

Cannapaw CBD Pet Treats

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Cannapaw CBD Pet Treats

Cannapaw's CBD Treats are a delicious and healthy snack for your beloved pet! Organic, yummy and therapeutic CBD treats.

  • Use for training or as an anytime treat 

  • Therapeutic ingredients help relax and calm anxious, distressed or highly-strung animals (thunder, fireworks, separation, new baby etc.)

  • CBD treats help with with pain, aches and inflammation (e.g. arthritis)

  • Aids digestive health

  • Reduces allergies 

  • Inhibits cancer growth


Organic Full Spectrum CBD, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Organic Coconut Oil, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Wheat Flour, Low Salt, Low Sodium Beef Stock, Potassium Sorbate (safe for animals)

Directions for use

1-2 treats depending on size. Start small (1/2 a treat) and increase if needed.

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