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Julius IDC K-9 Harness

Julius IDC K-9 Harness

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Julius IDC K-9 Harness

Inventor of the dog harness with interchangeable patches and velcro system on the chest

Perfect ergonomics

  • Thanks to a major development of the IDC (Independent Dog Control) Powerharness the chest strap forwards the power lines of the leash with almost no breakage.

  • This tactical harness is breathable with a skin-friendly inner liner.

  • The OECO-TEX material is manufactured by the highest standards of human clothing manufacturers.

Heavy duty buckles

  • The high-quality buckles of an IDC-Powerharness are permanently tested and checked.

  • This careful attention worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

Reflective edges and chest strap

  • One of the important functions of an IDC-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest.

  • The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the walking dog is visible in the dark even from a bigger distance.

Side bag fixing option

  • Sidebags are available in 3L and 4L versions for the bigger Powerharness sizes from 0 to 4.

  • A smaller IDC-Universal side bag is also available since 2013.

  • With a 250 cm capacity it's ideal to carry personal documents, vaccination papers, cell phone and dog treats.

Torch holder

  • The torch holder is with rubber, so it gives high stability, the torch cannot slip out of the holder.

  • It's useful for night walks too if we would follow our dog.

  • Thanks to the ergonomic design you don't have to worry that your dog can be blocked because of the loops.

  • The torch holder was made of high quality German materials.

  • It allows using side bags simultaneously. It's essential for search and rescue dogs and for every service dogs which are working in the dark.

Removable Velcro labels

  • Order a customised tag especially for your dog.

  • The IDC-Powerharness comes complete with a pair of fluorescent JULIUS-K9® series label which glow in the dark.

  • The name tags are customisable with your dogs name and easily removable thanks to the velcro. These are available, at an additional cost, in the following font colours:

    • Glow in the Dark

    • Blue

    • Pink

    • Red

    • Orange

    • Green

    • Hot Red

    • Pink Glitter

    • Red Glitter

Handle lock with new snaps

  • The new handle fixing option of the IDC-harness allows 4 different variations.

  • You can fix the only the steel ring, only the handle, both of them or none of them.

  • With these, you can minimise the dog's chance of being blocked. It's really important especially for hunting dogs, search- and rescue dogs.

  • Note: If the dog is blocked by the bushes at a place that is not visible, the IDC-Powerharness allows free movement backward, so the dog can escape.

Available with safety lock in black colour

  • The Velcro mounting safety lock was developed in 2004 by Julius-K9® especially for service dogs.

  • This practical accessory increases by 60 kg the load capacity of the buckle under the chest.

  • Ensures safe use even in the case of damaged (chewed) buckles. It's used by police service dog unit of London since 2013.

Certified Quality

  • Highest quality certified by an independent crash test.

  • The buckle of the product has opened at 300 kg, but the harness itself did not break.

  • Not for tie-out! The first dog harness with velcro patches from the inventor!

  • Since 1997! Dogs prone to allergies may suffer skin irritation from equipment that directly contacts the skin, despite that the materials used by Julius-K9 DOESN'T contain irritant ingredients.

  • In the case of allergy symptoms, it is advised that you remove the equipment from the dog and disinfect the equipment by regularly hand washing and drying it.

  • In case of recurrence of skin irritation try to avoid typically allergen food and ask for veterinary assistance.

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