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Mpet Bastion Protective Dog Collar

Mpet Bastion Protective Dog Collar

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MPET Bastion Protective Dog Collar

Dogs have a pretty universal reaction to wounds, itches, and assorted types of skin irritation: They lick or chew the area to “clean” it and make it feel better!

While these natural behaviors often give wild canines the best chance to heal, they can also cause further tissue damage or introduce bacteria into the wound, which may trigger a serious infection.

Rather use the Mpet Protective Dog Collar to prevent any of these issues.

The collar is ideal for when your pet is injured, or for use post operation. 

Made of high-quality light-weight non-toxic plastic, with an extra soft fabric edge, it provides your dog or cat with additional comfort and protection during an uncomfortable time.

Although light-weight and flexbile, the bastion is sturdy and won't deform with use.

Each size is highly adaptible with multiple slots, so you can simply wrap the collect around your pets neck and easily clip in any of the slots to suit your dog's size.

Available in 5 different sizes to suit any size dog.



 Size Measurements
Extra Small Neck: 14.60 - 24 cm
Small Neck: 18.40 - 31 cm
Medium Neck: 14.60 - 24 cm
Large Neck: 24 - 39 cm
Extra Large Neck: 31 - 53 cm
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