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Vondi's Rooibos & Mint Biscuits

Vondi's Rooibos & Mint Biscuits

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Rooibos & Mint Biscuits 

Vondi's Jenny Morris Rooibos & Mint Biscuits is a healthy treat for your dogs, formulated by one of South Africa's most popular celebrity chefs.

Mint reduces excess acidity and calms nerves. that is digestive, soothing, relaxing and sleep inducing, a digestive alkaliser and prevents mucus formation and sinus blocking.

While Rooibos is packed with many antioxidants and minerals and known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps boosts the immune system and fights free radicals. 

Immunity is everything and healthy pets are less likely to be affected by virus, bacteria, parasites and allergens. 

The combination of Rooibos and mint is great for treating skin allergies and itchy skin.


Home-made chicken and veggie stock, fresh herbs, whole wheat flour, corn flour, fresh mint and Rooibos tea.

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