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Beeztees Sumo Team

Beeztees Sumo Team

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Beeztees Sumo Team

Dogs love to do things together with their owners and to work as a team.

Play with your dog, train his brains or avoid boredom.

All different types of the Beeztees Sumo toys have their own specialty and they are all made of the best and strongest rubber.

Furthermore the toys are strong and not easy to destroy. Your dog can play with it endlessly. 

The Beeztees Sumo Team is designed so that you can play actively with your dog and improves mutual trust and respect.

Available in Green or Orange.

Also see the Puller Toy Range.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable natural rubber

  • Interactive play

  • Improves mutual respect and trust

  • Endless fun

  • Stimulates mental alertness

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