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Probono Bedtime Biscuit Treats

Probono Bedtime Biscuit Treats

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Bedtime Dog Biscuits

If your pooch's insomnia is keeping you up at night then Probono Bedtime Dog treats will definitely help get them to sleep!

These biscuits are not only tasty and nutritious but have soothing properties thanks to the all natural ingredients.

Traditionally baked with added honey and yogurt for their digestive and soothing properties, these biscuits also include Chamomile and Passion Flower to help with a blissful good night’s sleep.

Packed in a convenient easy to carry 350g carton of biscuits for ALL Dogs.

No artificial flavourants, no colourants and no preservatives.

Provide tail wagging delicious biscuit treats for your precious pooch.

Hand-made locally with the Probono love and care!


Oats and Oat Flour, Animal Derivatives, Digestive Bran, Honey (4%), Probiotic Yoghurt (4%), Bee Pulp, Plant Fats, Dried Chamomile (1%), Dried Passion flower (1%), Dried Rosehips (1%), Vitamins, Minerals and Approved Antioxidants. 

Nutritional Information:

  • Crude Protein 220g (min)
  • Crude Fat 70g (min)
  • Calcium 11g (max)
  • Vitamin A 6 000 IU
  • Vitamin C 50mg
  • Vitamin B Complex 1.48mg
  • Vitamin E 69 IU
  • Crude Fibre 65g (max)
  • Ash 60g (max)
  • Moisture 100g (min)
  • Phosphorous 8g (min)
  • Magnesium 0.5g
  • Iron 60mg
  • Zinc 30mg
  • Selenium 0.5mg

Always keep fresh water available when feeding biscuits, snacks or treats!

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