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Wagworld Car Seat Hammock

Wagworld Car Seat Hammock

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Wagworld Car Seat Hammock

There is no more stress or worry about dirty or damaged car seats while driving around with the furry kids.

Use the Wagworld Car Seat Hammock to transport the furkids without the worry of dirt and hair damaging your vehicle seats.

The Hammock protects your car seats and also keeps pooch safely and securely on the back seat.

Made from hardwearing waterproof canvas on the top and rubberised waterproof fabric at the bottom to prevent sliding with a thick layer of padding inbetween for extra comfort and seat protection.


Bungee cords hook over the front and back seat headrests or around the top corners of the back seat.

One size fits all backseats of a Sedan or "dog box" of an SUV!


  • Easy to fold up

  • Handles for easy carrying

  • Handy toy pocket

  • Doubles up as sleeping mat

  • Simply hose down or spot clean as necessary


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