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Wagworld Deluxe Car Seat Hammock

Wagworld Deluxe Car Seat Hammock

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Wagworld Deluxe Car Seat Hammock


The Wagworld Deluxe Car Seat Hammock, with added zip-up side panels, will not only protect our car seats, but also your car door panels. 

So no more worry while your furry monster barks hellos out the car window.

Made from hardwearing waterproof canvas on the top, rubberised waterproof fabric at the bottom to prevent sliding, and a thick layer of padding in-between for extra comfort and seat protection. 

The Deluxe Car Seat Hammock will protect your car seats from hair, slobber, scratches and dirt, whilst keeping pooch safely and securely on the back seat.

Zip-up side panels for easy access in and out of the car. 

Adjustable straps hook over the front and back seat headrests, or around the top corners of the back seat to create a “hammock” covering the whole back seat and door panels of your car. 

Fits most standard sedan back seats, and a smaller SUV ”dog box”. 

A handy pocket for safe keeping of a leash or toy. 

Easy to fold up when not in use, with handles for easy carrying.

Doubles up as a sleeping mat or even a picnic blanket.


  • Black

  • Grey


  • 125 x 160 cm

Care Instructions:

The water-resistant outer canvas is easy to vacuum or spot clean using a stain and odour remover.  

Should the need arise after a tumble in the mud, a quick scrub down with a gentle foam brush and quick rinse will keep your Car Seat Hammock good as new.

Machine washing is not recommended.  Do not submerge under water.

Do not expose to harsh direct sunlight as it will weaken the canvas.

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