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Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits

Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits

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Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits

Vondi's Jenny Morris Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits is a healthy treat for your dogs, 

Diatomaceous Earth may be quite a mouthful to pronounce but it has some remarkable health properties.

Formulated by one of South Africa's most popular celebrity chefs.It is an effective natural de-wormer and parasite cleanser.

Parasites live in your pet’s intestinal tract, causing nutritional problems and physical irritation, thus affecting their health, but using Diatomaceous Earth, you can safely and effectively eradicate them.

Diatomaceous Earth also has many other health benefits, that also helps to attract and absorb bad bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, artificial hormones, heavy metals, drug residues, viruses and toxins and helps excrete it from the animal’s body.

Diatomaceous Earth also contains an array of trace minerals to feed and nourish your pet.

One of the minerals that it contains in abundance is Silica. Silica is a vital trace mineral required by the animal’s body for strong and flexible joints, glowing skin, coat health, stronger hair and bones.


Home-made chicken and veggie stock, fresh herbs, whole wheat flour, corn flour and Diatomaceous Earth.

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