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Cosmic Pets Folded Plastic Pet Ramp

Cosmic Pets Folded Plastic Pet Ramp

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Folded Plastic Pet Ramp

Ramps and stairs are a good option if your pet has difficulty jumping onto things like they used to, or if they appear uncomfortable (panting, yelping or restless) once a jump is complete, then a dog ramp might be a good option!

You should also consider a ramp for large breed dogs, such as Great Danes and Bernese Mountain Dogs, as well as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and other breeds that have an increased risk of joint problems.

The Cosmic Pets Dog ramps can be many things depending on your dog’s unique needs.

Use the extended ramp to ease aches and pains from arthritis when accessing the car or to reduce jumping and the risk of re-injury while your dog is recuperating from surgery.

Ramps can be used as a great training aid - teach your dog how to walk or turn around on a raised, secured surface, or when teaching a dog rear end awareness exercises (to target a raised surface with their hind legs) - which is vital when participating in agility or obedience.

You could also consider a Wooden Dog Ramp.


  • Attractive & affordable

  • High traction walking surface

  • Side safety rails

  • Super lightweight

  • Portable and compact

  • No assembly required

  • Material: Plastic


Extended Size: 157 x 40cm
Folded: 80 x 40cm
Unit weight: 4.6kg
Max Capacity: 90kgs

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