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JW Pet Hol-EE Roller Dog Toy

JW Pet Hol-EE Roller Dog Toy

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JW Pet Hol-EE Roller Dog Toy

The JW Pet Hol-ee Roller is favoured by dog trainers and animal behaviourists as a dog enrichment toy.

It's a fun, versatile dog toy with the durability you've been searching for.

Rubber gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture.

It features a unique open design allows you to stash small treats or kibble inside for hours of entertainment for your dog.

This is the top selling dog toy in the line, it is non toxic, durable, rubber and super-stretchy.

A do-it-all multipurpose dog toy! It's a fantastic treat ball, wonderful training aid, great for fetch, toss and tug, chewing and teething.

Put the Hol-ee Roller to the tug-of-war test, and they will come out intact every time!

Made of tough, yet flexible rubber, they bounce, roll, ‘squish,’ tug and immediately spring back. Available in sizes to suit every pet.

The JW Pets Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy is a cleverly designed rubber ball with hexagonal-shaped openings that will make playtime a whole new ball game.

This flexible, resilient rubber ball snaps-back in no time, leaving your dog fascinated with its reactive play.

The toy’s patented open design is practically engineered to allow your dog to bite into it whether he is retrieving, grabbing or carrying it around. It also makes for a real dog-friendly toy as it allows your dog to pant and breath easily through the gaps.

The JW Pets Hol-ee Roller Dog toy comes in different sizes (small, medium, large) and is fit for most breed sizes and dogs of all ages. 

Ships in random fun assorted colors.

No toy is indestructible – make sure to keep a lookout for worn-out toys and remove to keep your dog free of hazardous play.


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