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Kyron Avert Bitter Solution 100ml

Kyron Avert Bitter Solution 100ml

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Kyron Avert Bitter Solution

Use the Kyron Avert Bitter Solution to prevent dogs, cats, birds and horses from chewing, licking or biting their wounds or plucking their feathers.

This extremely bitter repellent can be applied to any household object, wound dressing or open wounds!

The bitter-tasting solution will discourage your pet to chew, lick or bite any item treated with Avert.

This includes bandages, dressings, open wounds, or household items like shoes and furniture. It also discourages crib-biting and wind-sucking in horses.

Pets won’t ever chew on any household item again once treated with Avert.

Word of caution: it is virtually impossible to get the bitter taste off soft items after treatment, and the taste can, to a certain extent, be transferred!


  • Apply Avert onto the surface to be protected.

  • Re-apply as soon as the animal starts the undesired licking or biting behaviour again.

  • Can be applied as many as times as required.


  • Avert contains a high concentration of the bitterant denatonium benzoate together with bitter plant principles and oils.

  • Active ingredients are 4% benzoate together with bitter orange oil and eucalyptus oil. 

  • Also contains a high percentage of alcohol, so it's also flammable!

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