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MPET Econo Puppy Training Pads - 25 Pcs - Training Pads

MPET Econo Puppy Training Pads

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MPET Econo Puppy Training Pads - Pack of 25

Having a new puppy is fun but house training them can take time.

It's about consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement when potty training them.

The Mpet Econo puppy training pads encourage puppies to urinate on the pads.

Puppy pads are the perfect size for training your puppy or for dogs with special needs and super absorbent.

This ensure that your floors, couches and carpets are not ruined by urinary stains.

The pads absorb the urination and can be discarded immediately, ensuring no smell is left behind, ensuring your floors and furniture stay as good as new. 

Consider using Sprogley's Intense Stain & Odour eliminator!


Qty: 25 in a Box
Colour: White
Size: 60 x 60 cm

Customer Reviews

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does the job

the pads do the job! great help if your dog is used to using them & have to stay indoors. absorbent. 1 happy owner!