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MPET Pee Pee Tree Training Pads

MPET Pee Pee Tree Training Pads

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MPET Pee Pee Tree Training Pads - Pack of 15

Dogs naturally mark their territory to demonstrate ownership of their space. 

So use Mpet PEE PEE TREE, which is a 3D pop up tree for male dogs.

This ensures that your floors, couches and carpets are not ruined by urine stains and no more soiled furniture and messes.

Easy to use and fast drying, this is the perfect solution to keep your house cleaner.


  • 3D pop-up tree for male dog

  • Clean paws

  • Pheromone  Attractant

  • Antibacterial & Fast Drying

  • No odours & Leakproof

  • No more soiled furniture


  • Qty: 15 in a BoxPad

  • Size: 60 x 60 cm

  • Tree Size: 12,6 x 24,5 cm

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