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Rosewood Portable Leaf Travel Bottle

Rosewood Portable Leaf Travel Bottle

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Rosewood Portable Leaf Travel Bottle

The Rosewood Portable Leaf Travel bottle is perfect whilst you're out with you dog, whether its a short walk park in your neighborhood or a long hike. 

A fantastic range of travel products when planning to take a pet away on holiday or simply for a road trip in the car.

Each product in the Rosewood travel range have their own unique function and have been specifically designed for pets on the go, on holiday or on a road trip.

The range includes: The Portable Leaf Travel Bottle and the Collapsible Travel Bottle.

Both portable drinking dispensers with an added carabiner, are perfect for attaching to leads, bags and travel crates.

The portable leaf water bottle is comfortable to use, slim and lightweight.

The leaf pulls round to make a portable water bowl.

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