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Outward Hound Slimz Squirrel

Outward Hound Slimz Squirrel

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Outward Hound Slimz Squirrel

These crazy critters aren't on a diet, they're just Outward Hound Slimz!

Earning their name by having no fluff or stuffing, meaning more fun and less mess.

Designed for interactive games of tug and fetch, these squeaky, floppy woodland friends are bound to have your pup chasing and tugging, not to mention wagging their tail with joy.

  • NO STUFFING = ALL FUN: Outward Hound Slimz have no fluff or stuffing. That means more fun, less mess and less stress.

  • SILLY SQUEAK SOUNDS: Outward Hound Slimz dog toys are built with two silly squeakers to keep dogs interested in play and add a fun surprise to tugging and floppy, shaking fun! 

  • TUG PLAY: Designed with a long floppy body and silly squeakin' sounds that dogs love, the Outward Hound Slimz are a great canine companion for tug play.

Helpful guidelines for tugs games are: never play tug with a dog that shows guarding behaviour, always supervise children that are playing tug with dogs, take turns winning and have fun! 



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