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Nina Ottosson Small Treat Tumble

Nina Ottosson Small Treat Tumble

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Nina Ottosson Small Treat Tumble

Just like you, your dog needs a variety of activities to spice up their life and keep them happy and healthy. Dogs are also naturally curious and playful.

So using enrichment toys helps to prevent boredom and can help with dog behaviour problems, such as anxiety.

Use the Nina Ottosson Treat Tumble to entertain and intrigue your furbaby!

As a level 1 dog game, the Treat Tumble is perfect for introducing your dog to games and puzzles and works as a way to perk your pup’s interest in puzzles and prepare them for the more challenging games to come.

TREAT FEEDING FUN: The Nina Ottosson Small Treat Tumble is great for treating and training your dog.

Simply fill this treat ball with your dog’s favourite treats and give the ball to your dog to watch them play with the puzzle as they figure out how to release the treats.

EXERCISE MIND AND BODY: Dog games challenge your dog’s problem solving skills and enhance mental stimulation through play.

As they work to release treats with the Treat Tumble, they are actively improving their cognitive skills.

PLAY INDOORS AND OUT: The Treat Tumble by Nina Ottosson is as fun indoors as it is out! Strong construction and wipeable surfaces make this toy ideal for indoor and outdoor playtime.

LEARN TOGETHER: Dogs don’t just like to play, they like to play with us.

Treat feeding games and dog puzzle games are great for strengthening the bond between you and your dog because they require your attention and theirs!

You’ll learn more about your dog’s play behaviour and what interests them as they work to release treats and solve puzzles.

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